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girly sit.

so there's this guy joe i've been very "close" with for about 7 months. i've always wanted him to be my boyfriend, but a few months ago we talked about it and he said he couldn't have a relationship at that time. but now it's like every time we hang out, we get closer and closer. he's always taking me out to eat, and going to the movies- it was never like this the first few months, which is a good thing. plus, we don't hook up with other people.

now the problem is, i met this guy mike last week, and me and him we actually knew each other in high school, we just got re-acquainted. but i'm sort of interested in him. he's such a sweet heart, but i donno if he's just into hooking up, or a relationship. i remember a convo we had and he said something about just having fun.

i just don't really know what i should do. should i stay with joe, who treats me well but doesn't want to be with me -- or should i go for mike who's the sweetest guy and might be interested in a relationship ?

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