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k i have a boy problem obviously ( sorry if its long). About a year ago i started liking this guy (Stuart) who worked at the supermarket around the corner from me, i hadn't always fancied him but he was always looking at me and after a while i started liking him too, i didn't know anything about him but he seemed nice and he'd always go red when i went to his checkout which i thought was cute and it pretty much carried on with us flirting but never saying anything except hello and goodbye when i went to his checkout.Anyway i still like him but abit less than before because he kept going from being casual and kind of ignoring me to flirting and making it obvious he liked me, and we still have never really talked to each other, i see him talking to other customers but he never talks to me.He does seem sort of shy, and i am too, which doesnt make it easy.But lately we haven't really been flirting as much,

And now the most embarassing thing has happened, because my mums friend knows that i like him because my mum has a big mouth and told her that i liked someone who worked at the shop (this was ages ago tho) which i didn't really mind, and she asked me stuff about him so i told her his name and a few things about what he looked like.And she was always saying i should talk to him and stuff.

And then today when she came to visit my mum she told me that when she went into the shop she went to stuarts checkout and realized it was the stuart that i like, so she started talking to him and she asked him if he lived close to his work, and then if he had a girfriend, which he said he didn't, and then she told him that she knows a girl who's MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!So he asked who it was and she said that can't tell him and he kept asking who it was so she said that the girl has long brown hair and is beautiful(LOL),and she said that she usually come shopping here,and he asked how old is she, and she told him 16 or 17 and she told him that i live down the road from him(or on the same road idk), and then he said he thinks he knows who it is..... but i don't think he knows where i live , i mean he's only ever seen me walk past his street, unless he just thinks i live nearby.So now i think he MIGHT know but then i don't know if theres alot of other girls who he thinks likes him( although he's not one of those really good looking guys who would have loads of girls liking him, even though i think he's good looking).

It'll be so embarassing if he knows it's me because she said MADY IN LOVE WITH YOU!which i am not!!And that probably makes him think i'm a stalker or something.This could be good if he starts talking to me but idon't know whether i should even go back in there.... ever?

Sooo what do u think???????????????????????????????????

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