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okay, i have the biggest problem! i have a boyfriend, well, let's just say we've had our share of problems. we've been dating off and on for almost two years, and just recently decided to get back together after not being together/being with other people for a few months. well, once he decided to take me back, i wasn't really sure i wanted to be back. i just took the opportunity, becuase i missed him.. or so i thought. i met this other person, into our relationship. (we are 2 months into it) well, this other boy.. is completely perfect (am i allowed to say perfect?) anyway, he is completely in love with me, and i feel the same for him. well, we have kissed.. but yesterday, he left for south carolina to live with his dad. i can't tell you how sad i am. i thought, this should be good, i'll get him off my mind, and be happy with my boyfriend.. little did i know, i can't get him off my mind. i find myself driving by his house (in a non-stalkerish way) i constantly look at my phone to see if he has called .. now, my boyfriend.. is too controlling. i'm "not allowed" to talk to any other boys, because he thnks everyone is in love wtih me. he went on my myspace and deleted this other boy, and other ones too. he went on my screen name and blocks them. when i talk to this other boy, i have to say it's my best friend, so he doesn't freak out. i have to tell him i'm doing volunteer hours, or going to my dad's wheni want to see this kid. (that's nto really a problem now..) but i don't know what to do. i'm in love with two people, (or so i think) and it's really starting to take it's toll on me. this other boy, isn't supposed to com eback until summer, and it's just .. very very very confusing. i can't do much, since he's there.. but i can't explain my feelings for him,and honestly, i'm just sick of my boyfriend. but maybe it's becuase i have other feelings .. for someoen else?
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