_yourkiss (_yourkiss) wrote in ugh_boys,

please help..i really do need it

So i haven't updated in this thing for awhile..but I need some girl's opinions..

There's this boy that i met at a party. Immediately I was attracted to him because he was everything i like..tall, adorable, shaggy hair, a surfer etc. Anyway, he gets my screen name and we talk online and then we hung out in person and we kissed! So the next night I ask if he wants to hang out and he said yeah..so when i called he said he'd think of somethign to do and call me after dinner. So i got all cute and whatever..and no call, at all. He's done that a lot. He says he'll call and just doesn't! And never offers any explanation! The problem is..I'm always asking him to hang out. That and the fact that he never calls. BUT when we DO hang out, when we say goodbye he kisses me on the lips (no makeout like the first night, but a kiss nonetheless).

SO! What on earth am i supposed to do? Sure i'm interested, but i'm really getting annoyed at his lack of calls and the fact that I'm always suggesting we hang out?

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