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calling all girls !


we used to talk a loooott. insane thing was, it was over MSN (lame, i know) and we chilled in person now and then and long story short, i <3 him and he says he <3s me too. so it's supposed to be good ..

but a month later (now), we have nothing to talk about. really. other than "how are you, how was your day" we have zero communication even though i'm pretty sure i blabber on and on just about as much as i used to. his only comment is "hahaha" to everything i say. it's boring. i've tried little conversation starters, asking him questions, talking about things that leave room for his opinion, and NOTHING.

HE USED TO TALK, i swear. he used to ... say things and contribute things to the conversation other than "hahaha" and just. yeah. i don't know what to do and it makes me sad. because as soon as our conversations become unbearably boring, this 'thing' is over. it's long-distance, we fully RELY on communication to pull us though. when this 'thing' is over, it is going to suck. but even worse, when this 'thing' is over, we won't even be able to be friends like we used to BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT.

worst case scenario: he's just not that into me anymore.

that sucks too, but i can deal. but i can't just let this die and shrivel up by itself: i need communication, i need verbal confirmation, and i just really want to be able to talk to him and hear him genuinely laugh for once.

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