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HI all

Hi i'm new to this livejournal club and i think it's a cute idea... Boy's are diffently UGH sometimes lol :P but let's face it, they or some are just so cute that we just can't pass them up hah! anyway's i was reading some of the post and i can relate to alot of you.. I've recently developed a crush on this one guy i work with but erm he is not allowed to date out of his religon. which kind of stinks but i understand, i believe him to because him and his parents always come in the grocery store all dressed nice and such..... but that's life, when life holds you a lemon all you have to do is make some lemonaid. The only hard part is when we have a similar schedule and see each other around work.. at least for me its sort of akward so it's hard to play cool, now i'm just a total geek about the whole thing hah... Well look forward to chating with ya'all...
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